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Why your restaurant business should sign up to Uber Eats


uber eats partnerUber Eats has been a food delivery service phenomenon in recent years, launching itself as one of the biggest and most recognisable brands in the global restaurant industry.

If you are the owner of a restaurant business in 2022, you need to start taking advantage of Uber Eats by becoming a partner, by becoming a Uber Eats restaurant partner you will gain everything it has to offer your business venture.

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to more and more people ordering food for delivery to their homes and we don’t see this trend reverting back any time in the near future.

Spanning across the whole of the UK, the Uber Eats delivery service allows food businesses to gain access to independent couriers and delivery drivers. Quick and reliable service without the need to talk to another human being is what the customer desires these days, and Uber Eats is meeting their needs with their mobile application. It is easy to use and functions flawlessly, making it a great option for any hungry customer wanting a way to get out of cooking their own meal on any given evening.

Grow your own delivery service

Originally the Uber Eats application was only available to businesses that didn’t already offer a delivery service of their own. But Uber, the fast taxi service, and it’s off-shooting business brand Uber Eats, took the opportunity to work with all restaurants in the UK so that they could grow as a brand and start making a lot more money. This means the door is open for your restaurant business to partner with Uber Eats and by doing so you won’t need to hire extra staff to work as delivery drivers for you, instead you can let a third party company take care of that while you concentrate on preparing food and keeping customers happy.

Sign up to Uber Eats today

You should attempt to find out more about Uber Eats and how it can help to grow your own business venture.

It is easily set up right from the word go and you can quickly turn off all Uber Eats assistance if you wish to do so at any point in the future, beyond signing up with them. This is what makes it such a convenient business format to use. By utilising Uber Eats functionality within your business venture, you’ll likely have a quicker delivery service and offer a more convenient experience for your customers whenever they shop with you.

By signing your restaurant up to Uber Eats you’ll also likely help it to get recognised more and connect with a larger overall audience. Uber Eats has become an industry leader for many reasons, one of which is the success it forwards onto those businesses that work alongside it.

This success has been a long time in the making however. Uber had been studying the food delivery service industry for a rather long time before making its own attempt at cracking the market. Just Eat were previously the business to beat for a few years, but along came Uber Eats. In February last year, Just Eat shares slipped by 5% after Uber Eats announced it would cut the fees it charges restaurants, to just 13%, undercutting Just Eat by a single percentage. The heat is now well and truly on as the two battle it out for the largest market share, although Uber is the company currently experiencing the biggest upturn in the UK.

COVID-19 Uber Eats support

Uber Eats offered a support package in 2020 which included free delivery for all independent restaurants. This didn’t only help the businesses out that needed it the most in their time of need, but also raised the profile of Uber Eats once more, allowing them to further grow and develop their brand while gaining a more positive image in the minds of both business owners and consumers alike.

Uber Eats stated the following:

“We understand that restaurant owners and operators are facing unprecedented challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help support restaurant partners during this difficult time, we’re launching $5 million in funding for initiatives aimed at supporting restaurant partners, particularly small business owners, as they keep their kitchens firing to feed people across the country.


– Funding in-app marketing for small business restaurants
– Introducing 0% Service Fee for all Pickup orders
– Improving cash flow by enabling daily payments
– Supporting our communities
– Safety & flexibility”

Uber Eats vs Just Eat

As we’ve previously stated within this article, Uber Eats is currently battling it out with Just Eats to hold the largest market share in the restaurant delivery service industry inside of the UK. One of the main things that got Uber Eats back onto the right track after a rather shaky start to life as a business format, was the fact that they undercut the price of Just Eat, which was and still remains its biggest competitor. The cheaper option will normally win if the service it offers is just as good as a more expensive destination.

Take a look at how Uber Eats has grown globally since its inception as a brand:

Uber Eats Overview

Launch date – August 2014

HQ – San Francisco, California

Parent company – Uber

Industry – Food delivery

Uber Eats Revenue

2017 – $600 million

2018 – $1.5 billion

2019 – $1.9 billion

Q1 2020 – $819 million

Q2 2020 – $1.2 billion

Virtual restaurant looks set to be the latest trend

Finally, individuals that have more commercial restaurant kitchen space than they really need and some entrepreneurial tendencies can start to get in on the action by setting up as a ‘virtual restaurant’ and offering delivery only menus for customers. Meaning consumers get an even bigger choice of places to order from. Uber Eats will work alongside this kind of setup.

Restaurant recovery funding could help

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