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PDQ Funding are a leading business funding provider with an alternative finance solution known as a merchant cash advance. Your business can receive an instant cash injection of up to £200,000 repayments are simply made by using a small percentage of your customer card sales.

This type of financial arrangement is unsecured, meaning it is not stacked against any assets the company may have.

Merchant Cash Advance

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An Alternative Funding Solution for SME’s in the UK

Access £5,000 – £200,000 in 24 hours

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Use your future credit and debit card sales to raise a unsecured business loan, today.

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You’ll receive the lump sum directly into your bank account to use on any business requirement.

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You repay a small portion of your credit/debit card sales. Repayments are automatically processed and hassle-free.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant cash advance is an unsecured short term lending product, it uses a card payment terminal to secure future borrowing. This type of funding is already proving very popular with SME’s as its fast and flexible and allows growth without the needs for security or debenture from the company. Any type of company that uses a merchant gateway to receive payment via a PDQ machine can apply to get finance with us.

The process will allow funding to be released against your future card sales. The amount of funds made available to you is mirrored with your average monthly card transactions. Repayments are set at percentage of each sale until the advance is paid off.

Typical repayment timescales are anything from 6 to 9 months, but dependent on your businesses history it can be can be as long as 18 months term. Once a positive repayment history has been demonstrated, usually about half way though the repayment process, you can apply to gain new funding. This will allow the amount that is borrowed and allow an extension of the term.

This type of unsecured funding is currently not an FCA regulated product. This allows the product to be fast & flexible. An ideal solution for businesses without many assets to use as security

Is a Merchant Cash Advance a Loan?

Merchant cash advances technically are not a loan, it is an advance based upon the future revenues of credit & debt card sales. In short you are selling future revenue to a lender, these are then purchased at a discount. Unlike traditional bank loans there is an APR with the advance.

Rates on this type of lending are competitive, it also offers more flexibility compared to high street providers. Businesses must has a steady stream of credit card payments, monthly minimum of £5,000. SME owners considering this option should make sure he or she understands the terms being offered so they can make an informed decision about potential ROI.

Why Choose Us?

Get your funds in days
One simple all-inclusive cost
No security or cashflow projections require
Simple application process – 90% approval rate
No fixed term or fixed monthly payments
Pay us back when you sell to your customers
Dedicated relationship manager to support you
No admin fees, no APR’s, no hidden extras

Business Cash Advance Advantages

Every venture needs capital from time to time but a bank loan isn’t always accessible. A Business Cash Advance offers a very different way of receiving a financial boost but without so many restrictions on the repayments.

Working capital advances gives the direct lender rights to claim a proportion of your future sales in return for advancing an agreed and set amount of cash upfront. Working close with your merchant gateway and card terminal provider, the business cash advance direct lender will receive an agreed proportion of future transactions until the cash advance is paid off.

This amount is set and agreed is usually round 10% per transaction, this is deducted from future card sales, and goes towards paying back the loan.

Every time a sale is made and processed via your PDQ Card machine, if the sale has a value of £100.00, the revenue you will receive in to your bank account is £90.00. The remaining amount of £10.00 will then go to the direct lender to make repayment towards the advance.

The main advantage with this type of borrowing is that there is no credit checks, so this type of borrowing can be very quick to arrange. Most lenders can arrange for funding to be in place within 48 hours. The funds will arrive in your companies account soon after.

Probably the best advantage is due to your sales determining the amount you can borrow there is no need to give personal guarantees or any other kind of security

Some of the features and benefits of a business cash advance.

 Raise working capital in a fast & flexible way

 Advance amounts from  £5,000 to £200,000

 Companies with bad credit welcome to apply

Fixed monthly payments and no APR

Security is not required

Credit and debit card sales used to raise funding

Application process is quick

Cash availible to draw down in days

Repayments are made via a small percentage of your monthly credit/debit card transactions

Ideal funding solution for small to medium-sized ventures

Approval rate for applications is about 90%

We offer an alternative working capital finance to UK based businesses, this product is known as a business cash advanced. Our advance of future revenues allows access to funding of £5,000 to £200,000 with repayments that are manageable. We believe our service offers UK business an alternative to bank loans and is designed for small businesses.

Cash advance loan amounts are based on the amount of income you make from credit and debit cards and the repayments are linked to this amount as well.

Qualifying Criteria for a Merchant Loan Advance

Qualifying criteria for a merchant loan advance is far more relaxed than traditional finance. The exact requirements will vary between lenders but as a general rule of thumb, you’d need to meet the following criteria:

UK based company
Accept credit and debit card payments
A minimum of 6 months trading
A strong history of card payments with a minimum of £5,000 per month

Lenders may want to take a look at your credit history by way of a soft credit check, these are less intrusive compared to other types of borrowing and does not leave a footprint.

FAQ – Business Cash Advance

How Does It Work?

An advance will allow an unsecured cash-injection of up to £200,000. This is then repaid back using a small percentage of your future card sales. The percentage that you are asked to repay is agreed upfront so you have clear visibility of the schedule.

The monthly merchant transactions turnover dictates the amount you will receive by way of the advance. As a minimum criteria should be constantly about £5,000 per month to qualify. If your business is achieving a good volume of credit card sales on a monthly basis, but has a shortage of working capital, our facility is a fantastic way of acquiring the extra funds your business needs to grow.

It works through an agreement set by the provider and the business, once the agreement is set the outlay of the credit card merchant loan. In it will be such as the payback, advance amount, and holdback percentage will be discussed and an agreement between both parties will be made.

When the agreement is made, the advance is transferred to the business’ bank account in exchange for a future percentage of receivables or credit card receipts.

After the agreement has been made you business agreed on the percentage of revenue through credit card purchases are withheld according to agreed the percentage. The withheld percentage will pay back the amount that was initially borrowed. This practice will continue until the advance has been paid. Access to a business owner’s merchant account eliminates the collateral required for a traditional small business loan.

The repayment percentage is a daily balance from the account, meaning that the more payments made (transactions) the faster the advance is paid off. This rule also applies if the business has fewer transactions in a particularly slow term. The balance will still be getting paid but within less time. Meaning the business pays back the advance that is tailored directly to the business intake of merchant cash deposits

In this example, the direct lender offers to buy £25,000 worth of future card sales for £20,000, at a repayment percentage of 20%. So £20,000 of working capital is what you get now, and £25,000 is what you’ll eventually pay back.

You might look at these figures and think “I’ll be paying 20% interest”, but that’s not the case. With a merchant cash advance, repayments are taken from your revenue — so the 20% figure doesn’t refer to interest, but rather the proportion of your revenue that will go towards paying back £25,000.

Customer Number 1 pays : £20; you keep 80% (£16) and the lender gets 20% (£4)

Customer Number 2 pays : £156.00; you keep 80% (£124.80) and the lender gets 20% (£31.20)

Customer Number 3 pays : £375.00; you keep 80% (£300.00) and the lender gets 20% (£75.00)

Once the above three transactions have taken place, you’ve made repayments of £110.00 (4+31.20+75.00). We are sure you will have more than three transactions in an average day. This is just a quick repayment example to demonstrate how it works. The key point is that each of these transactions chips away at the £25,000 repayment amount.

The most important thing to understand is about the method of repayment, this is done on a proportional basis. An advantage to this is repayments are mirrored in line with your sales, and the payback period is dependent on your sales cycle. The great benefit is that the total cost of finance doesn’t change. The amount of £25,000 is always being paid down and without any compounding interest.

This method of repayment means that cash advances are more flexible than bank loans, because instead of a fixed monthly repayment that has to be met regardless of your sales, the amount you repay goes up and down each month in line with your sales.

What are the benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance?

One of the main benefits and advantages of the product is its ability to be scalable. Every business owner runs into the need for working capital from time to time. But where do you go to get it, especially when your bank won’t even consider your funding request?  There is a finance solution for businesses that take credit & debit card payments. In fact you could get cash from the sales you haven’t even made yet.  Turn tomorrow’s credit & debit card sales into today’s cash flow. There is no faster, safer or easier way to get unsecured finance. Cash advance’s are classed as a short term working capital loan. This is because they have a term time of a maximum 18 – 24 month

1. The application process is easy.

Applying for this type of  finance is very quick and simple process. Applications can be made online, providing specific information and documentation related to your business, such as your Bank Statements and the last six months credit card processing statements. This shouldn’t take long to complete, and most providers will respond within 48 hours. Such a simple process lets you stay focused on your business, rather than being swamped with hour-long applications that don’t lead to any replies, while still having the opportunity to receive funds.

2. It gives you access to working capital, quickly.

Once approval of your application has taken place, the loan amount your requested will be sent to you within one week. Obtaining these funds in such a short amount of time enables you to start putting money back into your working capital and improve cash flow.

For example: Some owners choose to invest in new advertising campaigns in order to reach more consumers, while others use the cash to purchase updated equipment to improve efficiencies. Those are just two possible ways to use your newly acquired funds. You could also give your office a much needed facelift. Simply paying off outstanding debt is one other good idea to keep the business debt free.

3. Your personal credit won’t be affected.

Apply for this type of funding will not have a negatively affect your personal credit score. This is because you are not taking out a loan, you are simply selling future credit card sales for upfront cash. As a result, you won’t have to worry about making monthly payments. A perfect credit score is not require to enable you to qualify.

4. You won’t be as stressed.

Although owning a business is extremely rewarding, it comes with responsibilities. This can be extremely stressful, especially if the business is low on funds. Our fast and quick funding solution helps alleviate some of these pressures placed upon you. The cash advance will lower your stress levels as you will know you have the capital needed to pay people and supplies. A reduction in financial stress will enable you to enjoy your job again, and remember why you love being an entrepreneur.

Applying for business finance

Applying for working capital from PDQ Funding takes just a matter of minutes, and our dedicated commercial finance account managers are on hand to help with anything issues you maybe confused about. If you need guidance through the application process, we are happy to assist and help with on 01246 233108.

Step 1:

Click to apply. You will be redirected to a page where we will ask for more information about your business, including:

Number of years your business has been trading

Your businesses average monthly turnover

The amount you are wanting to borrow

Step 2:

The next step involves your personal details so we need the following information:

Your title, first name and surname

Position within the company

The best contact telephone / email details to get hold of you

Step 3:

Carefully read through the terms and conditions, once you are happy and wish to accept them, ‘click a quick quote’. At this stage your application will be reviewed quickly by one of our commercial account manager.

Step 4:

 One of our dedicated account managers will call you within 24 hours to discuss the terms of your loan agreement and answer any questions you may have.

Step 5:

Carefully read through the terms of agreement and sign the relevant documentation ready to return to the lender. Funds will be assessable within 48 hours for completion of acceptance of your application form.