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Merchant Cash Advance for Pubs and Bars in the UK

PDQ Funding provides merchant cash advance for pubs and bars, financially benefiting your hospitality business. Like most businesses unexpected expenditure and outlays can leave you short. With merchant cash advance you will be able to get the capital needed for your business. The alternative loan option which is flexible to your daily sales intake. This gives you more flexibility over traditional bank loans.

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Merchant Cash Advance for Pubs and Bars

Merchant cash advance for pubs and bars also provides the company flexibility over the tie-in that a brewery they may use. This is due to brewery loans limiting a bar or public house to only using the products they provide. This gives meaning to the term “tied” in to purchasing their products. Cash advances for pubs and bars have no limitations. This gives you the flexibility and freedom needed to sustain a successful business. Business cash advance for pubs and bars will give you the capital, with an agreed percentage of your daily intake through credit card sales.

For more detailed information about merchant cash advance visit our “What is merchant cash advance?” page.

Business Cash Advance what are the benefits for a pub or bar?

Over 90% of licensed trade businesses are approved for a business cash advance. The application process is quick, simple and easy to complete. There is little paperwork required and no accounts needed. Some of the reasons why our public house & bar owners chose us are:

  • High Acceptance Rate: We approve 90% of all applications.
  • Speed: Find out if you qualify within minutes! On successful application the funds are normally available for you to draw down from within just 48 hours.
  • Unsecured Advances: There is no risk to your house or personal assets
  • Flexible Repayments: There is no fixed repayments. We agree on a percentage deduction from the businesses daily card sales which means that you only pay back when you earn.
  • Easy Application Process: The application process could not be any simpler. You only need to provide us with one recent merchant statement, proof of I.D and proof of a business bank statement. Not like the complicated application process with a bank or other lenders.

How could your pub or bar use a cash advance loan?

Every successful pub or bar has its own story to tell about how it started and where it is today. PDQ Funding will be part of your story by letting us source the funding you need pub or bar business needs to grow with a cash advance loan.

Having supported over 1000 public houses, bars, restaurants, in-fact most hospitality venues have used the cash advance loans to :

  • Extend the bar area
  • Renovate their beer garden
  • Refurbish lounge areas
  • Clear outstanding VAT bills
  • Pay Suppliers
  • Ensure HMRC is paid

Merchant Cash Advance for a Public House

PDQ Funding are the leading Merchant Cash Advance funder for Public Houses in the UK. The hospitality industry have used our funding product as we understand that pubs and bar tend to have a fluctuating or seasonal trade. Merchant Cash Advance for a Public House can be helpful in the quiet times such as January after the Christmas spike. 

How it works

Merchant Cash Advance for pubs and bars in the UK works by the same principles. An agreed percentage of the deduction of card sales of about 7% is taken on each transaction. This will continue until the loan has been repaid. With a merchant cash advance for pubs and bars, the repayment will always match the percentage of the cash flow.

If your bar or pub has a quiet period then you will repay less on your business loan for that month. During a busy period, you will repay more on your business loan. This way you are only ever repaying what your business can afford.

Any hospitality business that uses a PDQ card terminal to take payments from customers will have a merchant provider. That is the company that processes transactions for them like Worldpay. The cash advance works with the terminal provider so they have a full and clear understand of how much money is flowing through your card terminal and into your business. This is unlike other types of business lending so there is no need for credit checks or cashflow projections.

Pub Businesses that receives payment via a PDQ card terminal can gain funding from a merchant cash advance. Lenders can quickly see what the business makes over an average month. Once this has been seen, they can agree an unsecured loan amount. Then a repayment plan much faster than with other funding options.

Next steps….

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