Restaurant Funding

Restaurant Funding

Restaurant Funding with a Merchant Cash Advance. Todays restaurant owners have been short changed by the high street banks and denied bank loans for years. A merchant cash advance for restaurants, is an alternative cash advance from PDQ Funding. With a few easy steps, you could receive unsecured business funding for your restaurant in less than a 48 hours. This is by simply making use of credit and debit card future payments with your card payment machine.

Restaurant Funding

There are over 25000 restaurants located in the UK, and the amount that consumers are spending on eating out is growing month on month. It’s one of the UK’s booming leisure sectors but to succeed, a restaurant owner needs to keep moving forward with the times and modern trends. Exceptional management skills, an eye for creativity and an ability to balance the books are vital skills needed in todays modern society.

Each merchant cash advance for restaurants is a form of unsecured restaurant finance. The cash advance is tailored to fit your restaurant’s unique business model, ensuring the safety and protection of your daily cash flow. Restaurant funding solutions are free of limitations so you can use the working capital however you choose.  The advance repayment are customised to fit your restaurant’s weekly cash intake, so only a small percentage of about 10% per each transaction is taken to cover the cash advance. This ensures that you are always left with enough working capital in your business account for day-to-day operations and needs.

Alternative Restaurant Funding Options

restaurant funding

Restaurant Funding

If your restaurant needs an unsecured cash injection of working capital, one of the best ways is with a Business Cash Advance. This form of alternative business funding has a turnaround speed that is much quicker compared to a traditional business loan. We have a complete understand of the hospitality industry and different sectors in it, we understand that you want it to be successful. A merchant cash advance for restaurants will deliver the financial investment you need for your growing business. Cash advances can help you to finance:

  • Bar equipment and kitchen refurbishments
  • Furniture and out door areas for the summer season
  • Licence renewals
  • Repairs and new signage
  • Promoting your venue and its latest offers, seasonal offers. Christmas parties
  • Buying stock upfront – food, drinks, glassware, new tables and chairs.

Why Use A Merchant Cash Advance For Your Restaurant

The following reasons are why a merchant cash advance could work for your restaurant:

  • Takes minutes to apply for £3,000-£200,000
  • You pay back only when you make a sale – no fixed monthly payments
  • You keep 100% of your cash sales
  • No up front fees, hidden charges or penalties.
  • Over 90% of restaurant businesses are approved
  • Simple and Quick application process with minimal paperwork.

How Can It Help Your Restaurant? 

For many UK based restaurants, it can be difficult to expand without solid restaurant finance.  Merchant Cash Advance has been developed as an alternative funding solution for the hospitality industry. The cash advance is unlike a traditional business loan. This alternative form of lending is known as a Merchant Cash Advance and is available to any hospitality business processing more than £3,000 a month in credit or debit card transactions. A merchant cash advance is a great unsecured funding option for restaurants to consider because it’s so flexible and is perfect for the hospitality industry. The amount you repay will vary every working day depending on how much you take through your credit and debit card machine. In month four, if everything has gone to plan you can re apply for a top-up loan.

How To Proceed For Restaurant Funding

The process for restaurant funding is simple. Complete the online enquiry form on our website with how much you wish to be advanced. Once we have received it, a business funding expert will contact you by return and run though the process with you. The will answer any question you may have on the process and product.



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