The importance of image – business branding

The importance of image – business brandingCreating a strong brand is one of the top ways a small business can help itself to find success. There are many reasons why having a definitive branding strategy can help your business to grow, including building trust with your consumers, creating a recognisable image, and even having a professional look across all social networks.

Defining your brand

Your business needs to know its own identity before it can expect anyone else to become familiar with it. So, take your business concept and pour it into your branding. You need to allow the imagery surrounding your venture to define your branding and your business. Let your chosen designs, as well as how you display them across your business, tell the average consumer what your business actually is. This way they don’t have to do the research themselves and they will become far more invested, far quicker.

This should incorporate your company’s logo, its advertising strategies, the colour scheme of your business, as well as all other factors of your branding. Leave no stone unturned when developing the look and style of your business and you’ll be rewarded by a higher level of custom. 

Building the trust

Having a clear and structured brand will help with building a higher level of trust between customers and your business. This is because if they see a company that has parallel branding imagery across multiple platforms, they’ll believe it to be professional and trusted. Whereas if you had a branding mismatch across different sections of the internet, you’d likely be viewed as unsure of yourself, and therefore customers will be too.

If your business has a defined look on its website, social media pages and other platforms, customers will view it as reputable, consistent, and likely believe it has a level of expertise in its chosen field.

How do I improve my brands image? 

Here are two bonus tips on how you can improve your overall brand image which are applicable to every modern day business venture:

Be consistent –

If you’re consistent with the imagery that surrounds your brand and the look of it both in an online and offline space, you’ll come across as more professional to your customers. Your audience will develop further if they know where their products and services are coming from when shopping, so if you have a consistency with the look of your business, you’ll be more identifiable. If you’re easily identified by your customer base you’ll find yourself getting a larger amount of loyal customers that return time and time again.

Take it to the socials –

You should remember that your business’ overall look should be reflected within its social media platforms. Don’t have a consistent set of images and themes within your website and physical stores and then leave out the social media channels. It all needs to be connected so that you can become a more recognisable brand. Take the look that you’ve worked on for your business and apply it to cover photos, profile pictures and multimedia posts throughout your business’ social media pages. Trust us, it’ll most definitely be worth the extra work, as it’ll once again aid you in building up a larger following.

Your business’ look is one of the first deciding factors in the mind of the consumer and it will always influence their decision to spend money with you or not, so be sure you’re making the right choices and then sticking to your guns on the aesthetic side of things.

Your business needs a great logo

Branding and imaging surrounding a business is of great importance in 2020, as it has been for such a long time now. The appearance of your company is likely to be the first thing your customer sees of it, from the front of your shop entrance area, to the design of your logo. How these things look will create an instant impact on your customer, as they’ll make a mental judgement almost straight away on whether or not they want to shop with your business.

One thing both a physical and online business presence will have in common is the logo of your company. This will be at the head of your branding and marketing and work as the recognisable image of your business. If your company’s logo fails to look professional, or fails to represent the products you sell to a high, easily understandable level, there’s no point in having it. Your business needs a logo that gets the right image across to your customers right off the bat.

It is important to be aware that the one main running theme throughout the entirety of your branding will be your company logo. This is the sole reason why it’s so important you get it right. A redesign can’t happen any time soon because it’ll throw your customers off and create a confusing image of your brand.

Your logo is the face of your company, so naturally it’ll be everywhere. If your companies name pops up, so will the image of your logo. It’ll be locked onto your social media accounts, website headers and store fronts. You need to be happy with the design of your logo before you start printing it on t shirts.

Don’t confuse the customer

Your logo needs to convey to the audience exactly what the business is about. After all, the logo will be a representation of your brand, it’ll be the face of any marketing campaigns you run, so it’ll definitely help if it gives off some indication of what your company is or how it’ll serve your potential audience.

If your logo is confusing to your audience, they’ll immediately turn away from it, therefore you need to ensure that it not only looks good, but it also makes sense. It needs to click with the audience immediately, or they’ll lose attention. Bright, vibrant colouring can help to catch someone’s’ attention, but the actual imaging needs to fill in the rest of the blanks they may have about your company. 

If your direct competition has large audience, perhaps it’s down to their branding and marketing skills, so be aware of any and all techniques they’re using effectively. Do you like their logos? Then inject what you like into from theirs into yours, but don’t forget to add your own personal touch too. Besides, your company will have differences to others, so show off that level of uniqueness in your design.

This is where it gets important that you understand the difference between inspiration and copying. Don’t create a direct rip off from your competition, just understand what makes their logo so powerful and take inspiration that can be applied to your own. This way you allow your own competitors to give you a boost forward. This is a great thing to do if you don’t have much design experience, or if you’re brand new to the concept all together.

Your company logo should directly influence the rest of your branding, so acknowledge the fact that whatever look you give off here will have to continue into the remainder of your marketing. It would be nonsensical otherwise and create a jaded image within your business’ look.

If you have gone for a crisp modern look, you’ll need to make sure the website for your business matches this, whereas if you have gone for something a little more retro, you’ll need to be firmly aware that your products should represent that imagery also.

Is your business returning from lockdown?

It might be fantastic news for you to find out you’re allowed to open the doors to your business again after multiple months away. Besides, many business owners in the UK are starting to really struggle, understandably after not being able to acquire their usual source of funds for so many weeks, which would normally develop through sales from customers and clients. Though, for you to really make an impactful comeback to business, members of public will need to be aware of your return.

There are so many methods of letting people know you’re going to be back these days, thanks to the internet and other technological advancements, but you’ll need more than a few social media posts to effectively get the word out about your return. Think about it like a marketing project for your company. You’re effectively a new business with a clean slate, so treat the situation as such and go back to how you pushed your company onto your audience when you first opened. If it was effective you can simply rinse and repeat this process, and if you had more of a bumpy start to your journey you can always change up your marketing strategy.

Shoppers have generally begun to be more aware of the availability of products and the trustworthiness of companies since the start of lockdown, so take this into consideration when trying to effectively communicate with them from this point forward.

E Consultancy state that, “When justifying their choices, sixty-four percent of shoppers cited ‘perceived availability’ of a product as an important factor, with 72% stating that they are now more aware of product availability than they were before the outbreak. A further 40% noted the trustworthiness of a brand as the biggest factor, ranking it about the same as the price of a product (39%) when it comes to influence on their purchase behaviour”.

Building your brand

The brand identity you manage to create for your business venture will be priceless when done effectively. This is why it is wise to spend a lot of time moulding a brand image that will connect with customers, convey to them exactly what your product is and what your business is all about, and help a greater amount of people to become aware of your company.