Looking at Other Entrepreneurs

How entrepreneurs find business inspiration


entrepreneurs find business inspirationEntrepreneurs are very a unique breed of people, especially when it comes to the way that they think on a daily basis. Their job entails them to always be on the lookout for fresh new idea at every possibly given opportunity.

Not only do they have to generate ideas pretty much non-stop, but they also have to land on a great one every now and then to keep their business ventures ticking over.

Where exactly does the inspiration of all these business ideas stem from? Well, truth be told, businessmen and women find inspiration for their firms coming from all over the place. With that being said, we’d like to run you through some of the best examples of finding inspiration for your business and some tips on best practice when doing so.

Get into the habit of writing everything down

Have you just had a great idea? Make sure you write it down, so you don’t forget about it later on. Have you just had a terrible idea? Well, do the same thing anyway. Yes, we know that this may sound rather odd at first but please hear us out.

You need to get into the swing of jotting all your ideas down, regardless of whether they are good or bad. This is because if you’re always writing, no matter what the quality of your inspiration is at that particular point in time, you won’t accidentally dismiss something that is potential life or business-changing for you and your venture.

Make a point to always have a pen and paper on you, this way it doesn’t matter where or when inspiration strikes you because you’ll always be ready to capture it in writing.

Read anything that could be useful to you 

That’s right, it isn’t just about writing your own ideas down whenever you manage to come up with them, it is also important that you allow the workings of others to influence you in just the same way. Reading about something great somebody else has done over the years may just be the inspiration you need to go on and do great things yourself.

It is a wise idea to search for some of the best business books on the market and allow them to construct a path unique to you, with helpful tips from the world’s leading experts in your respective field. There’s countless benefits to reading, that you’re likely unaware of many of them.

Were you aware that research has proven that reading a book can make us smarter, improve our memory, stimulate our brains and increase our overall knowledge of something? It has also been discovered that reading can work as a better stress reliever than drinking tea, which has many health benefits of its own.

Change your surroundings

Get out of the house for a while if you’ve been stuck in it for a long time as has been the case for many people due to COVID-19. Go for a walk, see friends and family you haven’t seen for a while, pop out to the cinema to watch a film. Anything and everything that can occupy your mind in a different way to what is normal for you will be good here.

A change in surroundings isn’t only a great way to keep your mental health strong and positive, it is also the perfect way to generate unique ideas. Put it this way, if you are looking at different things and living through different experiences, your mind will start to work differently too.

Make sure you’re aiming at the right audience

Knowing exactly who your ideal customer is and painting a mental picture of them will give you a good starting point when trying to connect with your brand’s target audience. Knowing exactly who your target audience is can lead you on to developing business ideas that will meet their expectations. This is a great source of business inspiration for any budding entrepreneur.

Think about different segments of your target market; what age bracket will your ideal customer be in? Where might they be based, local to the business or further away on a global scale? Are you aiming for a specific gender or is that not a focus of your business? These questions, along with many more, are the sorts of things you need to ask yourself and provide answers to.

When you have an ideal customer in mind or have created a target persona (if you’d prefer to put it that way), you will be ready to move onto the next steps. Be certain to remember that it is your responsibility to come up with a target audience before trying to connect with them through your business; if you remain unaware of who it is that you’re actually targeting, you’ll never develop your business-to-consumer relationship skills.

Try not to be a perfectionist 

If you are too negative on your ideas the second they are beginning to form because they are not yet perfectly realised, you’ll simply never come up with anything good or useful to your business. Try not to concern yourself too heavily in the quality of an idea before you have fully developed it, it may have greater potential than it shows in the early stages of its lifespan.

Stop being a perfectionist and instead let your inspiration freely guide you onto bigger and better things. Always remember that being unique is essential in the world of business, so that you can stand out from the crowd. So, if your ideas seem a little weird and off the wall at first, that is perfectly acceptable and more than fine.

Audit your content 

This point is particularly important for businesses that have been away from their audiences due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This is because you likely haven’t checked on things in a while to see what gaps in your content need plugging with fresh new ideas. Declining to complete content audits can lead to costly small business mistakes, which is something every venture owner should aim to avoid.

There are many different ways for a small or independent business to be wasteful with its hard-earned money and avoiding doing so can be one of the biggest early challenges in a business owners’ career.

An audit of your business’ online output can help you to identify these errors from an early stage and put an end to them before they’ve had a chance to grow and become more troublesome to you.

If you fail to check on how your content is performing, or ensuring it is staying at the same consistently high quality over time, regularly, you’ll be riddled with same mistakes over and over again. You don’t want to be the one holding your own business venture back from its potential, so use the power you have as a business owner to do something when you need to.

To conclude 

Entrepreneurial inspiration can be found in many different areas, so try not to limit yourself when searching for the perfect source of it. Trust in yourself and your own abilities and give your ideas the time they need to gestate and develop into their full potential. This is all you can do as a business owner, so besides that simply hope for the best.