Benefits of using PDQ Cash Advances

//Benefits of using PDQ Cash Advances

Benefits of using PDQ Funding for Cash Advances

Alternative funding business funding is something you may have considered as option to fund your company. Then again it is one of those things you are unsure about due to the newest of this funding option that has entered the UK funding markets. Working with PDQ Funding you can have the benefits of using our alternative funding service for Cash Advances.

Start up businesses or young entrepreneurs biggest challengers are getting the funding they need to grow. Whether they want to grow with launching a new product in to the market or hiring their first employees. Funding maybe needed to purchasing new equipment or simply to market your new venture. The cash you need to start growth can be difficult to accesses. This is where a PDQ Cash Advance leads the way!

Who are PDQ Funding 

Benefits of using PDQ Cash Advances

Benefits of using PDQ Cash Advances

PDQ Funding are one of the UK’s leading funding specialist helping businesses raise the necessary capital to grow and expand their companies. We support businesses with short term cash advances and offer repayment terms of 6 months to 18 months. Advances of £5,000 to £200,000 are provided to businesses that have traded for six months or longer.

One of the additional benefits of using PDQ Cash Advances are these fast and flexible funding solutions can benefit a wide range of UK based businesses across a wide range of sectors and industries. PDQ Funding have supported over 1000 UK business. Industry types such as : Hospitality, Hairdresses, Tattoo Studios, Gyms, Coffee Shops.

As the PDQ Advance is offered without personal guarantees there is no need for a business plan or cashflow projections. Our dedicated PDQ funding account managers are able to provide quotations, expert knowledge and access to cash advances from £5,000 – £200,000 in 48 hours.

A PDQ card payment terminal is needed for the cash advance, most business now take card payments. this process helps business cashflow.

PDQ Cash Advance Benefits to my Business

Here are FIVE clear reasons to help you make a decision on the benefits of PDQ Cash Advances :

  1. Saving costs: Alternative funding can help you save costs against a traditional loan.
  2. Saving time: Time saved against a high street funder as our advances do not need business plans.
  3. Growing your business: Alternative funding helps grow a business as it is totally flexible. Funding for the business can be in place within 48 hours.
  4. Focus on what you do best: Spend time on your business not completing cash flow projections.
  5. Peace of mind: Business owners have enough to worry about. The PDQ Cash Advance is free from guarantees so your home is safe!

How do we apply for a Merchant Account Cash Advance

Business funding is undoubtedly a minefield of potential problems and something you do not want to be taking risks with. This is more the case especially when the future of your entire business is on the line. However, do not be put off, there are quick and safe alternative business finance solutions available to take the pressure off your cash flow.

There is no masses of tricky paperwork involved. To apply for the Best Business Cash Advance rates, PDQ Funding are here to help. Simply take a few minutes to fill in the online application form. Once it has been received we will assigned a loan manager who will help to guide you through the rest of the process.


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