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Merchant Cash Advance from PDQ Funding

PDQ Funding is a Merchant Cash Advance product by Biz Money. A merchant cash advance allows a business owner who accepts credit card payments or has other payment or receivables streams to obtain an advance of the funds regularly flowing through the businesses merchant account. A merchant cash advance is not a loan, but rather an advance based upon the future revenues or credit card sales of a business. Any business can apply for a merchant cash advance and have an advance deposited into its account fairly quickly, usually within 48 hours.

Our alternative lending options can be tailored to suit any business requirements.  Whether it is stock, equipment, additional cash flow or even an office renovation you need or simply to pay bills, a merchant cash advance will go the extra-mile to ensure you receive the perfect cash advance solution as well as outstanding customer service.

The benefits of our PDQ Funding – Merchant Cash Advance

  • Quick & Easy Setup
    No credit checks or credit footprints and minimal paperwork thus ensuring that the application process is smooth and simple.
  • No Security Required
    Merchant Funding differs in a very unique way from standard business financing – we do not require any assets to secure your cash advance.
  • Auto Approval
    We can offer an auto-approved PDQ Funding – Merchant Cash Advance of up to £150,000 for businesses trading for 36 months or more.
  • Super-Fast Application
    Our application process is simple and extremely fast – Funds can be deposited straight into your bank account within as little as 3 working days.

Is a Merchant Cash Advance Right for Your Business?

An PDQ Funding – merchant cash advance is an option when a business needs to access capital quickly, has adequate cash flowing through their merchant account each day to make payments on the advance, and the loan purpose can justify the potentially high expense of the advance because credit requirements are typically less than a small business loan. This could be an option for a business that does a lot of credit card transactions every month but has a weak credit profile or adverse.

Based on Card Turnover

This merchant cash advance solution is based on your average card transactions over the past 6 months of trading. You could receive a maximum advance of £150,000. In order to qualify for this PDQ funding finance option, your business must be accepting a minimum of £2,500 in debit or credit card transactions per month (or 125% of average monthly on card payments).

Like to know more about a PDQ Funding – Merchant Cash Advance, please complete the online application form.

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