Merchant Cash Advance for Salons and Hairdressers.

//Merchant Cash Advance for Salons and Hairdressers.

Merchant Cash Advance for Salons and Hairdressers.

Merchant Cash Advance for Salons and Hairdressers.

Merchant Cash Advance for salons and Hairdressers from PDQ Funding is a unsecured business loan for salons and hairdresser, which allows funding though your PDQ card payments terminal.

Customer loyalty is everything, and to keep that loyalty salons are having to complete re-fits and offer the best products and services.  Enticing customers through the door requires investment in marketing, particularly website and social media as well as facilities, interior and exterior décor and, of course, the very latest salon equipment.

Your first point of call for unsecured business funding might be the high street bank, but what if you are turned down or have been refused capital previously? Don’t let this be a setback to your business goals and ambitions of growing your salon. An different unsecured finance solution like a merchant cash advance could be another option.

Grow your salon with a unsecured business cash advance.

If you have been turned down for a bank loan in the past and are fearful to re-apply, then a merchant cash advance for salons and hairdressers is the good fit for your business. You may need money simply to see you through the seasonal trade, in which case, you’ll need it far quicker than a bank can supply a loan and funds are available in 48 hours .

Merchant Cash advances for salons and hairdressers are a Quick and easy alternative to conventional bank loans. PDQ Funding can ensure you have funds in your account within 48 hours.

You may also need business funding for:

  • New equipment to keep up with innovative advances in beauty
  • Training courses for your staff
  • Renovations to your interior and exterior
  • Working stock such as product, towels, and salon equipment

A merchant cash advance is an unsecured injection of cash into your business based on future credit and debit card sales. It’s repaid via a pre-agreed percentage of the business’s card transactions you take.

Reasons to choose a merchant cash advance for your salon or hairdressers.

  • Apply in minutes for business loans of £2,500-£300,000
  • You pay back only when you earn – no fixed monthly payments
  • You keep 100% of your cash income
  • One clear cost,  no APR
  • No fees, hidden charges or penalties.

Over 90% of Salon and Hairdressing businesses are approved for merchant cash advances and the application process is simple and easy to complete with minimal paperwork and no accounts required.

How does a merchant cash advance works.

It’s simple and transparent. Merchant cash advance for salons and hairdressers is an unsecured advance of cash based on future credit and debit card sales and is repaid via an agreed percentage of your businesses card transactions. Because payback is directly linked to card takings, it only happens when your business earns. And unlike many other forms of funding, company or personal assets aren’t required.

Intersted in knowing more about merchant cash advance for salons and hairdressers? complete the online enquiry form and a funding expert will contact you by return.

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