Merchant Cash Advance for Pubs and Bars

//Merchant Cash Advance for Pubs and Bars

Merchant Cash Advance for Pubs and Bars

Merchant Cash Advance for Pubs and Bars is a funding product that can financially benefit your hospitality business.

You know how it is if you run a pub or a bar.  It’s all about your public, great services and the ability to drive sales.

After being in business for a while and building up a clientele, you start to know why it is they come to you rather than the next closest venue.  Some clever surveying of your public will divulge the real reasons they are there – and they can be many and varied.

Once you have a successful formula, the smart thing to do it to capitalise on it and promote it.  More of the same, but better.  You take the things that are successful and do them more, and drop off those things that aren’t working.  And you promote like crazy.

Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance for Pubs and Bars

  • High Acceptance Rate: We approve 90% of all applications.
  • Speed: Find out if you qualify within minutes! On successful application the funds are normally available for you to draw down from within just 48 hours.
  • Unsecured Advances: There is no risk to your house or personal assets
  • Flexible Repayments: There is no fixed repayments. We agree a percentage deduction from the businesses daily card sales which means that you only pay back when you earn.
  • Easy Application Process: The application process could not be any simpler. You only need to provide us with one recent merchant statement, proof of I.D and proof of a business bank statement. Not like the complicated application process with a bank or other lenders.

Every successful pub has its own story to tell about how it started and where it is today, let us be part of your story by letting us source the funding you need to grow.

We have funded public houses, bars, restaurants, in-fact most hospitality venues have used the merchant cash advance to :-

  • Extend the bar area
  • Renovate their beer garden
  • Refurbish lounge areas
  • Pay outstanding VAT bills

How it Works

The Merchant Cash Advance for Pubs and Bars works by agreeing a fixed % deduction from your future card sales which continues until the business has been repaid. As this % will not change, it means your repayment always matches your cashflow and you never have to worry about big loan repayments during your quieter months. When your business is quiet, you will repay less and when you’re busy, you will repay quicker.

For example, if February is a quiet time for your business, then you will repay less on your business loan for that month, and if October is a busy period, then you will repay more on your business loan. This way you are only ever repaying what your business can afford!

Run a Public House or Bar? would you like more information on Merchant Cash Advance for Pubs and Bars, please complete the online enquiry form.

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