Can a merchant cash advance help fund your business?

//Can a merchant cash advance help fund your business?

Can a merchant cash advance help fund your business?

Can a merchant cash advance help fund your business?

A competitive market place does not give small businesses any breaks. You can move your business financially forward with a merchant cash advance.

What is a merchant cash advance?

A merchant cash advance provides businesses with the money they need to start new initiatives right away. With fast access to capital, you can fund timely projects that will move your business forward.

These advances are small business alternative financing options.

The advantage of a merchant cash advance is the repayment structure. The lender takes only a percentage of your credit card revenue for each regular payment. That means the daily amount you pay reflects your business performance.

Advances process faster than bank loans usually within 48 hours. Your business may not have enough credit for a bank loan. Even so, getting an advance should be no problem with PDQ Funding.

Can a merchant cash advance help my business?

Providing capital fast we can help you grow your business when opportunity strikes. It can help you boost our competitive edge by moving initiatives forward, to help towards purchase of new stock or simply to pay HMRC, and since repayment reflects your performance this helps with cashflow.

You can maintain a healthy gross margin even while paying the lender. That’s because you pay less when you sell less. You pay more only when you sell more so seasonally this helps.

Keeping your margin in check will help you support other initiatives. You can continue paying overhead and related costs of doing business how you with with growth.

You will repay the advance in the short term, usually within 12 – 18 months depends on how you feel the cashflow will go within your business.

If you feel a merchant Cash Advance will help your business, please complete the online enquiry form.

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