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Your business needs to be smart and lean to survive and thrive


Poor old Thomas Cook, on the brink of liquidation, with a history and legacy stretching back hundreds of years. They are a familiar travel agency on the high street and online.  But is the high street their downfall?

At PDQ Funding, we’ve written before about how cities like Liverpool have defied the high street decline. They’ve made the city centre a place for people to visit and not just shop.

Thomas Cook have a broad high street presence when there really is no need for this. Same with many service providers. Banks close. Estate agents shut up shop. Those independent stores can only survive with a digital and social presence.


These two companies have risen like Lazarus repeatedly. HMV are trapped selling a medium that few people want – compact discs and DVDs. Streaming has made their products look like museum pieces. HMV though has slimmed down from its near ubiquity on every high street and focused on a resurgent trend instead – vinyl.

You walk into a surviving HMV store and see for yourselves.


Just as Spotify, Amazon and Apple slayed  HMV’s products, the smartphone has largely killed the camera market. If your S10 or iPhone 11 can produce bokeh effects, photos that stay unpixelated, why would the average consumer invest in a DSLR? They’ve become niche products because smartphones are now music players, internet browsing devices and brilliant photo takers.


A smartphone is owned by most of the population and is used for so many functions that have really contributed to the death of the high street.

Transfer money? Use a banking app?

Buy a new tablet? Get on Amazon, John Lewis or Apple online.

Book a holiday? Google search.


Pop up stores and many town centres have shown that the high street may be ill, but not dead yet. There are very few closures of mobile phone network shops, cafés and restaurants and hairdressing salons. People cannot have their hair cut, nails done online. They may want to try clothes and shoes on first before heading to ASOS or the Schuh website.

Just Eat revolutionised takeaways, but the demand for good quality and affordable food seems to be fairly recession proof. Statistics show, for example, that consumers still eat out in economic downturns.

For your business to stand out, survive and thrive, it needs certain things:


A successful business like Tattu, a leading Manchester restaurant, needs to offer exceptional service and products with a brilliant online marketing and review strategy. The marketplace on the high street needs to be combined with innovative social media and digital marketing to make you stand out.

Your vaping shop is perfectly positioned to do both well.

It can survive and thrive on a high street, because vaping products, unlike CDs, are in demand.

Your hairdresser salon, barber shop and nail bar will always have customers if you deliver excellent customer service and demonstrate this online and in daily interactions.


What holds many businesses back is cashflow issues. You need investment to make your six month old business grow, but you know that seasonal and growth trends could affect forecasts.

But how can PDQ Funding help?

We work with all sorts of businesses.

Firstly, you need to have been in operation for six months.

Secondly, you must have card payments set up for your business – whether that’s in store or online, or a combination of both.

Above all, you have the flexibility of borrowing between £5,000 to £200,000 often with very quick approval and cash release. You have the certainty then of only paying back what you make in profit.


You need a business cash advance quickly because your premises need to change.

There is a niche candy shop we know of that has moved premises three times in 4 years. Why? They needed more space to capitalise on customers sitting in their shop, eating their sweets and ice creams and milkshakes.

The first premises had three tables, with seating for 12. The second has 8 tables, with seating for 40. Demand though showed no signs of waning. The third premises are in a former high street bank, complete with off road parking in a beautiful Victorian building with space for everyone. No one turns up and leaves now because there are no tables. Their profits have soared, because they invested in new premises.


Firstly, PDQ Funding have a strong history of helping businesses grow in terms of size and profitability via a merchant cash advance.

If you need £50,000 as a cash injection, we can do that, without the need for anaesthetic.

Above all, we can provide you with funds to improve your online presence, invest in SEO, get your social media professionally managed, improve customer reviews.

You may need new premises, extra team members, new equipment to make you stand out. PDQ Funding can do all that and more.


We do hope that Thomas Cook survive. We have seen success in business turnaround from the likes of Jessops and HMV. Aldi and Lidl are two relative newcomers to the grocery sector who have challenged the big four and are clearly winning given their growth.

Your business may be ticking along nicely, may be on the crest of a wave and need that financial push to increase margins longer term.

A business cash advance or merchant cash advance can do that for you.

Contact us today to see how we can help.