Business Funding for Pubs and Bars

//Business Funding for Pubs and Bars

Business Funding for Pubs and Bars

Business Funding for Pubs and Bars in the UK

Finance for pubs and bars

Business Funding for pubs and bars, the times are challenging for the hospitality industry, Although the pub, bar and hospitality sector is one of the largest and most successful in the UK, with over 40,000 pubs and bars, 1,000 breweries including micro brewers, recent times have certainly been challenging.

In the last 5 years beer prices have risen exponentially, chain establishments have expanded and fallen due to the footfall. Not to mention the economic downturn has reduced peoples’ leisure spend. All of these factors have affected pub and bar industry in the UK.

Yet in the face of adversity, the pub and hospitality industry remain the mainstay of British culture. It is predicted that the number of traditional pubs and bars being reinstated or reopening will increase in coming years.

As a landlord / landlady you will have experienced the ups and downs of pub ownership, and know that investing, innovating and staying ahead of the competition is essential to maintaining success. Due to the seasonal nature of the pub trade, many publicans have been turned down by the bank for a business loan. Not securing precious finance when you need it can be incredibly damaging to your business’ progress.

However, if you have been turned down for a pub loan by the bank, PDQ Funding – Merchant Cash Advance offer an alternative business funding for pubs and bars solution in the form of a Business Cash Advance. With us, your repayments are in line with your income, making it the perfect solution for anyone working in a seasonal industry like the pub trade.

Business Cash Advance for pubs and bars

PDQ Funding – Merchant cash Advance can help finance your pub or bar through a business cash advance, which is quick and easy to apply for. We have had the pleasure of funding pubs and bars across the UK fund each year for a wide range of purposes including:

  • New kitchen or cellar equipment
  • Soft furnishings and furniture
  • Refurbishment and repairs
  • Garden landscaping and smoking shelters
  • Payment of VAT / PAYE /CT Taxes
  • Promoting your pub or bar with its latest events
  • Any kind of stock – wet or dry, new glasses etc
  • Immediate cash flow

Why choose a merchant cash advance for your pub or bar

Over 90% of UK Pubs and Bars are approved for merchant cash advances and the application process is simple and easy to complete, with minimal paperwork and no accounts required. Here are some of the reasons why our customers chose us:

  • Apply in minutes for £2,500-£200,000
  • You pay back only when you earn – no fixed monthly payments
  • You keep 100% of your cash income
  • One clear cost,  no APR
  • No fees, hidden charges or penalties. Ever

Want to know more about Business Funding for Pubs and Bars, apply online view our online enquiry form.

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